Nat-Hist Museums


francoI have always dedicated and I am still spending an important part of my professional activity to the organisation of a natural history museum itself. (and its collections). It is my deep conviction that a modern natural history museum is an important institution and that the activities that are done within it are extremely relevant to increase the public awareness and nature conservation.
Exhibits and didactic activities done within the walls of a museum have usually a very strong effect on the mind and perception of the visitors. For this I have always put my expertise, passion and competence at the service of the museum (in particular of the one where I currently work, the MRSN). I have also devoted much of my energies in the valorisation of the scientific collections that are the “heart” of a scientific museum. I guess that without the scientific collections a museum is not really a museum, but it is something else, likely only a big container without a soul.
Unluckily enough, the situation in Italy in the last times is not encouraging at all. Natural history museums are not at the level of counterparts in other European national. We do not have (yet, and possibly we will never have it) a national museum. The many small museums are often managed by local public administrations, mainly municipalities and regions, that are not articulated to manage a scientific institution. When managed by universities, the museums often become simply exhibition rooms, and curators there are only seen as technicians. For this reason, the natural history museums in Italy are only and often locations where to expose things and where to put in scene political contractations.


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